April 21st, 2010 + 1:04 PM  ·  Mozzy

Should it not say ".....Snare to mixer channel 5 " ?
Yeah, Sorry .. its mixer channel 5 .. ive not got 5 mixers ..

its a shame if i can only have one Effectrix open ..
Does this mean, . when i want effectrix to kick in, i have to tell it to .. somehow .. do u know how to .?
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April 21st, 2010 + 11:04 AM  ·  Mozzy

Thanks for the reply..
Maybe ive made it sound more complicated than it is ...  Basically ..
I wanna use EFFECTRIX on a couple of my patterns but they wont go straight onto my patterns
So i have to assign all my Pattern1 instruments to the mixer(5)
So, from pattern 1 ive assigned Drums, Clap + Snare to mixer 5 and added EFFECTRIX to one of
the FX Slots .. Sounds cool .. .. ..
Then , i make another Patter(2) and do the same (assigned Drums, Clap + Snare to mixer 6 and added EFFECTRIX to one of the FX Slots) .. this sounds Cool..
The problem is .. the song playlist editor window .. ive got PATTERN1 then PATTERN2
but when it plays, pattern1 and pattern 2 EFFECTRIX both plays at the same time .
Shouldnt Pattern1 EFFECTRIX just kickin when pattern1 is being played.. and so on ..?
(Is that better?)
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April 21st, 2010 + 7:04 AM  ·  Mozzy

Im new to FL, fresh from REASON ..
FL seems more powerful with more options .. but its very hard to get to know where everything is ...
i must have watched a thousand tutorials ..
Anyway, .. what im stuck with is ...
ive made a basic drum Pattern (Pattern1) using the Bass, Snare, Clap, Hat. and made them so they all go to mixer FX8, then ive added an FX to that channel (EFFECTRIX) .. and everything seems well and good .. and put it in the Playlist, so it plays as a song .. everything is good ...then, ..
i make another Pattern (Pattern2), .. same process.. and make them all go to Mixer FX9, then add another FX (EFFECTRIX AGAIN) .. everything ok ..
Then add it to the Playlist as Pattern2 After Pattern1 and play it as a SONG!
But, .. Both EFFECTRIX are playing on pattern1 and Pattern2 ..
Shouldnt the first EFFECTRIX on FX8 just start as its playing pattern1 and the second EFFECTRIX on FX9 start when Pattern2 startts playing.??
Please HELP!!??
Cheers ..
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